Caring for my home and my family is my passion, because they are the greatest treasures I have on this earth. Using pure food and natural fibers give us a way to live in harmony with creation, and make it easier for our bodies to live in a way that is a little bit closer to Eden. What we put into our bodies and even what we wear next to our bodies can have a substantial effect on our quality of life, and often all it takes is just a teeny bit more effort.

The “Fibre” part of this blog will be primarily about knitting escapades. However, I will also take some freedom here since in my mind all of the the following things involve fiber: yarn, curtains, books, fabric, wood working, paper, crafty things, upholstery, gardening (fibrous leaves maybe?), canvas, and furniture. It’s amazing how much detail there is in the objects around us that we very rarely acknowledge.

The “Spice” part will mainly deal with my favorite: FOOD! This will come in the form of recipes, tips, thoughts, substitutions, etc. As an encouragement and a disclaimer, I am not 100% organic or completely crunchy. I believe that to some extent, we need to live in the world that we were born into, and do the best we can with what we have without 1) freaking out and 2) breaking the bank. I will do my best to highlight natural and fresh ingredients and supplies that are good for you and are as natural as possible; however, I still use things such as store-bought canned tomatoes and (since fresh milk is technically illegal) milk, knitting needles, and supply bags. Until I have my quintessential farm house with a milch cow, 5 acre garden, sheep, and spinning wheel, some things will just have to wait.

I believe that just like any other skill or talent, being creative needs to be practiced on a regular basis; this blog is my outlet and encouragement to be inspired (or at least inspired to be inspired!) and I hope you benefit from this as well.

Thoughts and Comments

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