I am the granddaughter of a Minnesotan engineer, the daughter of a Vietnamese immigrant, and the wife of a philosopher Montana boy. Born in California and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I am truly a western girl at heart; not the cowgirl type, but the simple, slower-paced, and contented type that the hardships of the West made of our founding explorers. [Profile photo credit: Kelly Sauer]

Growing up, my mother tried very hard to keep us eating healthfully. This meant that we ate no refined sugar, no dairy, and no processed white flour. I never fully appreciated the hard work that it took to live that kind of lifestyle because I was too busy refusing candy and cookies at church groups and friends’ houses, and complaining about it all the way. But after spending four years in college without her feeding me whole grains and carob brownies and almond cheese, and between gaining my lovely freshman 15 (20, perhaps?) and just feeling all around lethargic, I realized the importance of eating right no matter how young or active I was.

After spending 7 years in the DC Metropolitan area, my husband and I are finally looking to go back to our roots in the West as we settle down in the big sky state of Montana. We are still newlyweds and enjoying every minute of it, but do hope to add to our number as God provides.

Please feel free to say hello!

Email: fibreandspice@gmail.com
Twitter: twitter.com/stocktontia
Facebook: facebook.com/fibreandspice
Instagram: stocktontia
Pinterest: Tia S.

Thoughts and Comments

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