An Update

I find that I’ve been reluctant to post here lately; in the past, I’ve kept it strictly to recipes and patterns, and notes about cooking/baking/sewing/knitting. But the reality of life with two-under-two and a lawyer husband has forced me to come to terms with the fact that though I’d love to continue to do that exclusively, it’s difficult for me to brainstorm, create content, fiddle, tweak, create again, and then document that process all on top of being a mom and wife in a tiny house. I know many amazing women who do just that, but for me at this stage I’ve found that I start forcing things and end up hating the result; so, I’ve decided to expand what I post here to be content of a more intellectual and mom-musing level as well. Sometimes it may be humorous, sometimes poignant, and sometimes it will just be anything other than poop or and sleep schedules. I hope you all stick around, and feel free to comment and interact with any thoughts or ideas you may have in response!

2 responses to “An Update

  1. You are an amazing lady! I love that you are fully embracing the ‘season’ you are in and thus allowing your blog to reflect ‘you in the current phase of life’.

Thoughts and Comments

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