Top Seven Must-Have Toys

When I first got pregnant, I was overwhelmed with figuring out what to put on our baby registry. So many different options, and so many opinions on what every mom and baby ABSOLUTELY NEEDED. Now that I am a wise and experienced mother of a 9-month old, I decided to compile a list of my own that is guaranteed to give much needed advice and wisdom to new young mothers who are in desperate need of guidance. So without further ado, here are my top seven picks for toys that every mother and baby MUST have in order to have a happy home life!


#1 – Junk Mail

Junk mail is the perfect item to occupy your little one during tummy time. Pick a selection that has lots of color, and preferably has crinkly pages. An Eddie Bauer catalogue will show that your little one has great taste (literally) in rustic outdoor fashion, and make sure that you sort out any low-class ads like Walmart or Pick-and-Save (unless you are going for the Frugal-Yet-Choosily-Chic look).


#2 – Aquaphor Tub

This little tub will keep your little one occupied for hours. Once half of the ointment is used up, it is light enough for her to pick up and chew on the Swiss-designed curved corners, and the German precision that makes it “round”  allows it to roll as smooth as a marble rolling across a bamboo floor. It is a convertible toy as well; it can split into two pieces, and the top “lid” turns into a perfectly edged disc that she can grasp and grab with her chubby little fingers with ease. Price range: $12-$15


#3 – Pilot G-2 Pen

This nifty teething item is the perfect size for the strong grasp of your little one’s little fingers. The variated texture of rubber on one half and plastic on the other keeps things interesting, and the spring action keeps any ink from marking up your $2,000 leather couch. It’s also the perfect size for chewing on, as well as banging on the floor or table. There are other brands that may work (such as Bic, PaperMate, and Uniball), but in my opinion, paying a little more for Pilot is totally worth it. You can also play around with different styles such as Capped, Fountain, Ballpoint, but that’s all personal preference.
Price range: $2-$25


#4 – Tube of Anti-Itch Cream

This small tube serves a very similar purpose as the previous item (chewing and banging on the floor); however, the bright colors of this item really grab the attention of your little one, and the pliable nature of the container keeps things interesting. It’s also an evolving toy, as the texture and feel will change as the internal product is used up.
Price range: $9


#5 – To-Go Coffee Cup Lid

When it comes to coffee cup lids, I only get the best; this is from my local, all organic, gluten free, egg-free, non-gmo coffee shop and I would never compromise on this. The shape and weight of this little item is perfect for (also) chewing on and banging on the floor.
Price range: $3-5


#6 – Large Mouth Mason Jar Ring

I know this may be a tough pill to swallow, since mason jars are SO 2010, but this little gadget is still popular with the little tykes. It is sometimes offered in gold, so you can make sure that your little one at least makes up for the fact that it’s a mason jar accessory with at least having it be a stylish color. The edges make it easy to pick up, and it is perfect for chewing and banging on the floor.
Price range: $2-5


#7 – Samsung Remote Control

I’ve saved the best for last! This item will occupy your child for HOURS. The exquisite setup of number and letters provide endless entertainment to poke and squeeze; the slim nature of the item still allows your little one to put it in her mouth for chewing, and it’s light enough to bang on the floor. If you get the right model, the buttons light up when pushed which give entertainment without producing any obnoxious childish music, and the black and white with pops of color is modern, minimalistic, and trendy. (DISCLAIMER: if you have your TV channel set to any network which airs the Wiggles or Teletubbies, there is no guarantee that the press of those buttons will not produce obnoxious music. To prevent this disaster, remove any batteries prior to use.)
Price range: $20-$400, depending on whether or not a TV comes with it


Other toys that your little one will find incredibly entertaining, but are not recommended: 

Dirty diapers
Dirty shoe laces
Computer chargers
Power strips


These toys comprise of everything you need to keep your child happy and stylish in your home. I hope this helps your journey into parenthood!

4 responses to “Top Seven Must-Have Toys

  1. The remote also may contain batteries, the perfect size for stuffing into something (like a VCR) for even more fun when your parents discover that only one battery is missing.

  2. You’re so funny Tia! Totally not what I was expecting! What’s favorite toy was one of those huge plastic jars for whey protein powder. It rolled and even spun on one end if rolled just right. You could put stuff in it AND dump it out. I actually quite enjoyed it myself. Don’t forget boxes of Styrofoam or just boxes, period. Good fun well into the toddler years. 😉

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