Chicken Soup


 Got a quick and easy one for you all today!

Our wee family of three celebrated the ringing in of Fall with a headcold/sore throat this week that hopefully is the worst that we experience this winter. My poor 8 month old didn’t know what to do with her snotty nose and watery eyes, so she just cried and woke up every three hours and never napped more than 25 minutes during the day. Such a rough life as a little one!

My best defense against cold weather woes is the following regimen:
– Apple cider vinegar + honey tea
– Lots of garlic pills
– Sleep (hahaha that’s a funny one with an infant…)
– No sugar or dairy
– Magical chicken soup

My parents used to make chicken soup and then add rice to make a kind of porridge, which is also fantastic; however, it is a bit of required taste for that kind of thick texture. The next best thing is served with egg noodles or just sucking up the broth. There are two secrets to this recipe: the GINGER ROOT, and lots of salt. Don’t be skimpy on the salt. Adding enough in the beginning makes a world of difference in rounding out the flavors, and tastes really good on a sore throat anyway. The ginger, I have no clue how, but literally works magic. You won’t taste anything that’s explicitly “ginger” but it adds such a depth to a broth that if I don’t have it, I won’t even bother making the soup.

The last thing I will say is that I know it sounds pretentious, but using a natural or organic or free range chicken (they usually are smaller in size and don’t have abnormally large breasts on them) provides a different level of taste and insanity to the broth, and the natural oils and fats can soothe a sore throat and get you better quick. They are also smaller, which prevents me from making way more than we could ever eat or freeze quick enough.

Chicken Soup To Heal Your Soul

– 1 large onion
– 6 garlic cloves
– 5 carrots, cut in pieces
– 4 celery sticks, cut in pieces
– 1 small whole organic chicken, cleaned (leave skin on!)
– 3 to 4 Tbls kosher salt
– 3 one-inch pieces of peeled ginger root

Chop onion and garlic and slowly saute over low/medium heat with olive oil in the bottom of your soup pan. Add the veggies and saute for another few minutes, just enough to warm up the flavors. Add the chicken, salt, and ginger root, and add water till the chicken is covered. Simmer on low covered or partially covered for 2-5 hours; the longer the better! Stir every once in a while, and taste the broth once the chicken is cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste. When ready to serve, remove the carcass and debone the meat, and add the meat back to the broth. Serve over noodles.

Thoughts and Comments

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