Switchback Newborn Cap

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Why does it seem seem like time always goes by so fast? I’ve often wondered why the one thing complete strangers can typically agree on is how fast time is flying, how fast the summer went, and that they can’t believe the month is already over. Is it that time is actually going faster, or an error in our view of time? Are we clinging to the past, or are we simply discontent with how we are spending our time? I know that I am often tempted to give the excuse of the week flying by when I don’t make time for the things I wanted to: I meant to work out, but time just got away from me; I was going to take a friend to coffee, but time went way too fast. Scientifically, time has passed the same way that it always has, so the things that have changed must be on our end. It’s a temptation to attribute value to our lives by how many things we are doing, or the amount of good activities we participate in. Our “time is money”, and if we aren’t making money with our time, we feel like it’s wasted. For me, having an infant in the house has proven that I can make time for anything that I really deem important to me. This summer, I’ve been working almost full-time, caring for London, maintaining a large garden, and I’ve even showered and brushed my teeth every day. I don’t mean to brag, but all of those things have been priorities: my husband is in law school still, so we need the income that I can bring; having a garden has saved us at least a hundred dollars a month on food; caring for London is preeminent. There is nothing like having a baby to wonder what you used to do with all your free time!

There’s not a moral of the story or necessarily a point to this; every person has a different personality and has their own goals in terms of what they want in their life. But I find it helpful to step back every now and then, and be grateful for the time we do have and to remember to make the most of it.
Processed with VSCOcam with se3 presetWith all of that, it’s getting cold here in Montana! It’s such a relief to have crisp, clean, and cool air back in the valley after a hot and incredibly smoky summer. Fall is still a favorite season, and I’m getting inspired to knit.
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This is a little project I did last year in preparation for London’s arrival; it’s a cozy little hat, with a mandatory pom pom on top.

Pom poms are not hard to make! All you need is yarn, and a stiff piece of paper or cardboard.

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Step 1: Fold a piece of stiff paper like photo above, and lay yarn like pictured.

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Step 2: leaving some give on each side (you’ll eventually use this to tie the pom together), begin to wrap around the center of the paper.

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Step 3: wrap yarn around the card to the desired size of pom you want.

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Step 4: cut the length that you left out on the right side, and use that piece to tie a very tight knot over all the strands you’ve wrapped.
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Processed with VSCOcam with 6 presetStep 5: cut through all strands on the opposite side of the knot you just tied and…
Processed with VSCOcam with 6 presetStep 6: … poof! Shake out the pom, and trip it to the shape you want.

Click Switchback Newborn Cap to download the hat pattern! And here’s a throwback photo of my little gem just a few hours after she was born. ❤

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