Motherhood As I See It


Happy (belated) Mother’s Day! It’s been long enough since my last post that our little one has arrived, and she is already almost three months old. I can’t believe how fast time flies! In honor of the special weekend, I wanted to give a tip of the hat to all us new moms who are experiencing so many new surprises this year, those who are first-timers, and those who are on kid 6.

The first thing I’ve noticed about motherhood is the fact that you talk consistently about the weirdest things, and strangers feel like they have the freedom to ask you very personal questions. You talk about sleep. Poop. Pee. Spitup. Stool color and frequency of occurrence.  Your boobs. Your milk supply. Sleep again. Strollers that are nicer than your car. Toys. Extra sensitive skin care. Butts. More about sleep. Everyone asks you about sleep and you want to scream OF COURSE I’M NOT GETTING SLEEP I HAVE A NEWBORN. WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW EXACTLY HOW MUCH SLEEP I’M NOT GETTING???

But of course, that all comes with the territory when you are introducing a new human to this world. I always wonder, who will she be? What will her voice sound like? What is her personality going to be like? You spend your days looking like an idiot, saying “MA – MA” and “DA – DA” into their face, and teaching them all the things they need to do to become a wonderful human. But no one tells you that you are actually encouraging them to do the exact things you will soon DREAD. Think I’m wrong? Think that raspberry she blows will always be cute?

Think again.

Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about:



Those first precious kicks that you can feel in utero:
giphy (11)

When she kicks out of a swaddle and wakes up. For the 12th time. In 8 minutes.giphy (10)



When she finally starts having consistent bowel movements:
giphy (20)

Poopmageddon – noun. -\ˌpoop-mə-ˈge-dən\ an explosion like Mount St Helens, but worse:
giphy (8)



Latching for the very first time:
giphy (7)

Latching for the 2nd-32nd time

giphy (6)



Talking at 9 months:
Kids be like –
giphy (2)

Parents be like –
giphy (3)

2 months later when she’s talking and asking questions nonstop:
giphy (4)



Finally up on all fours:
giphy (1)

The realization that she’s now uncontainable:



Those first tottery steps:
giphy (12)

She soon decides her vocation is to become your redecorator:
giphy (14)



Praying and hoping that she’ll find The One to fall in love with forever:
giphy (15)

When she actually brings a boy home for dinner:
giphy (16)



Getting into an Ivy League college…:
giphy (13)

….that’s located on the other side of the United States:
giphy (19)

giphy (18)

giphy (17)

Thankfully I have a few years before I have to let her go off to college, but I know time will fly by fast. I’m treasuring these moments and am grateful for every day.

As an endnote to my readers, I’ve decided to expand this space a bit to include posts such as these, which don’t necessarily include a pattern or a recipe or DIY. I would like to begin simply writing in addition to what I’ve been doing, because as a creative outlet I think writing is a part of that as well. So just a heads up, and I hope to see you around again!

One response to “Motherhood As I See It

  1. Yeah. E. will be two this summer, so we’re past the no sleep stage and at the into everything stage. I still remember how long the sleepless stage seemed to be, even though it really only lasted a few months. It still amazes me how often people ask me odd personal questions about my child. I’ve had complete strangers ask me if we’re going to have more kids (although that once led to a really great discussion about only kids versus siblings with a mom of two who was an only child, whereas I have three siblings but only one child). At least that tendency to talk about mom stuff helps when I end up at events where I know virtually no one, but most of the people are parents–we can always talk about babies and poop, gross as it sounds.

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