Fish, Reclaimed

Fish can be an intimidating thing to prepare, especially since it can either turn out to be incredibly tasty or a downright disaster. But I am here to alleviate your fears, and tell you that if you follow just a few very simple instructions, you can make the best salmon dinner you’ve ever not paid $40 for.


Step 1: If you are afraid of the fish getting “fishy” before you get around to cooking it, buy it that day, on your way home from work. I think it’s a mental thing; fish will keep just fine in the refrigerator, but for some reason, I get freaked out if I don’t think it’s IMMEDIATELY FRESH. A super thing about using fish as your meat dish is that it only takes about 10 minutes at the MOST to cook, so afternoon-of prepping it totes okay. It’s pretty great in that regard, especially if you work till 5 and are always STARVING by the time you even consider leaving work. That may or may not be me. Every day. At 3 o’clock. But that’s beside the point…

Step 2: Turn on your oven to 375*, and move a rack to the second to top rack holder space thing. Place a baking tray inside to warm up as well.

Step 3: Unwrap your pieces of fish. Sprinkle salt and pepper on each side. Add some dried rosemary if you want to go CRAZY.

Non-Step 4: Wait for your oven to warm up, because I guarantee it won’t take you that long to sprinkle salt and pepper on your fish. I guess you could prep the rest of your dinner, but whatevs.

Step 5: Pull out the baking tray and put a couple pieces of butter on it. It will sizzle. This is cool. Then put the fish skin-side up on it. This is also sizzle-cool-dizzle. Cut several (3? 4? 5 if you are feeling splurgish) small pieces of butter and place on top of the skin. Place tray back into oven. Set timer for 10 minutes, or until fish is flaky when pulled with a fork. Serve with your favorite veggies and some steamed rice.

See? It wasn’t that hard! Just about any fish can be cooked this way, but my favorites are salmon, trout, and tilapia. Don’t be scared of fish any more; take life by its gills and make it today!

Thoughts and Comments

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