Chevron Shawlette

Spring supposedly started last week, and it’s trying its darndest to peep out from the subzero temps and snow that we’ve been submerged in for the last several months. Today there is a high of 40 degrees, which is basically shorts and birkenstock weather, so we are almost there! I’m not putting my warm clothes away quite yet, but this cool sweater/scarf weather is actually some of my favorite conditions and the sunny chilliness is making everything better.

While we are still in need of layers, this is a scarf I designed last summer and have been able to use it throughout the winter and spring. It can be worn over your shoulders toward the back, but the way I typically wear it is with the point in front. I also made one as a baby “blanket,” and the mother absolutely loved the triangle shape for wrapping and in the car seat. I used a worsted wool from Valley Yarns, and even though I have been trying to add color to my wardrobe, I’m constantly gravitating towards greys, blues, and blacks. Ah well.


You can see more details here: or buy the pattern directly through PayPal on Ravelry here:

I am charging $3.00 for a PDF download to cover my overhead costs, but if you for some reason are not able to pay, I would gladly email you the PDF directly! You can contact me at
Happy Knitting!

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