New Things And Pretties


If you would have asked me what I would be doing five years from “now” five years ago, I would have said just about anything except what I am actually doing now. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising to me; I have met very few people who are exactly where they expected to be in life, and those who may be are often not as satisfied as they expected to be. I am thankful to have been raised by hard working parents who taught me the importance of working full-heartedly in whatever task I’m doing, and in that I have found fulfillment and joy in some unlikely places.


Several years ago, I volunteered to help with the flowers for a good friend’s wedding. Little did I know that it would be a starting point for a complete shift in my employment and interest. Six weddings later, I’ve found a job at an amazing floral studio in downtown Missoula called Habitat Floral Studio, where I’ve been able to learn so much more in three weeks than my trial and error and google-it method did over several years. I work with a fantastic creative team who not only design floral arrangements that vary from everyday bouquets to elaborate wedding features, but also run a wedding coordination event crew that gets it done, and gets it done right. It’s both exciting and nerve wracking to be in a new place, learning new skills, and having new weaknesses, but I’m so excited for what’s in store and what more I will learn in the future.


All that being said, you should check Habitat Floral Studio/Events out! You can find them at, like them on facebook at both Habitat Events and Habitat Floral Studio aaaand for those of you who are getting tired of all the photos of flowers I have been posting on my own instagram, I will now be updating their instagram account. So, if you like to see amazing arrangements and cool flowers and two really cute puppies and a dahlia the size of your head, you should hop on over and give us a follow!

Anyways, that’s just a bit of an update here in the beautiful Missoula valley! This does not change the nature of this blog at all, so do not fear that I will giving up my cooking and knitting escapades. Cheers for now, and I hope you all have a happy start to Fall!


3 responses to “New Things And Pretties

  1. I love all your pictures and the last is really gorgeous!
    So excited you are excited about your work! I had no doubts you would do well. Having a great boss and team make all the difference for any of us to succeed in life! So thankful G-d has given this to you!
    love you loads Tia ~

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