An Update from Willowford Farm

20130614-183736.jpgWe are safely up in Gilsland, after a busy but fascinating week in the heart of London! Our next 2.8 weeks will be volunteering here at Willowford Farm, a 100-acre organic sheep farm and bed and breakfast on Hadrian’s Wall, doing odd jobs to help out the owners Liam and Lauren.

So far we’ve planted a 100-meter hedge with thorn bushes, small trees, shrubbery and the like, and also begun the process of getting their garden beds planted. Because they have Hadrian’s wall running directly through their property, they are not actually allowed to plow up the soil (for archeological purposes) so they mainly use their property as grazing land for their sheep and a local farmer’s cows. Their bed and breakfast is a popular stop for hikers who are walking the wall, and they have had a constant stream of bookings since we have been here. They also run everything organically, so we are excited to see how a larger-scale farm is run without pesticides and chemicals.

That’s all I have time for for now, but enjoy the photos below!

The living fence hedge20130614-183746.jpgGorgeous compost20130614-183808.jpg

This morning’s work20130614-183816.jpgHullo there!20130614-183758.jpgThis place is so picturesque…20130614-183833.jpg

4 responses to “An Update from Willowford Farm

  1. It looks so beautiful from your pictures that I can only imagine it’s amazing country! How do they work that compost? Maybe if you have time you could do a whole post on that… lol! What an awesome opportunity for you and Tyler!

    • It really is amazing! And I’m not sure about the compost; all I now is that it is three years old so it’s had a ton of time to process and decompose… Ill have to ask them what their secret is =)

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