Year One – Part 2: Stockton Wedding

This bonus post is for those of you asking about my wedding in general; I wanted to highlight some of the details that went into our wonderful day! Click on each image to get the full experience; this little blog page seriously does not do them justice. All photography is by the inimitable Rebekah J. Murray.

Tia Tyler-0038My husband and a good friend made these signs from some old pallets that we broke apart. I couldn’t have been more delighted with how they turned out!

I had my dress tailor made by a dress shop in China, about an hour from where I used to live called Jasmine’s Bridal Shop. I was able to send them photos of what I wanted, my measurements, and exact specifications, and it was gorgeous. The only tailoring I had to do was hem it a little (since I intentionally ordered it long because I hadn’t found shoes yet) and the shoulder straps (since I mis-measured).

Tia Tyler-0001Tia Tyler-0003

That train…

My “something blue” shoes were a pair of Seychelle pumps that I can’t remember the exact name of…(sorry!)

Tia Tyler-0005

I made these earrings out of two buttons from my husband’s old marine corps blues. He had an extra pair, and I was so glad that I could have a token of appreciation for his time and service in the USMC on our wedding day as my “something borrowed.”

Tia Tyler-0004

We asked the groomsmen to each wear their own favorite black suit. We figured that they all had one, and if they didn’t, they needed to buy themselves a black suit anyway.

Tia Tyler-0138Tia Tyler-0141

My mother and I found this “something new” necklace at a local jewelry shop at Harper’s Ferry. They sold only locally crafted pieces, and this one is hand-wrought by an artist based in Pennsylvania.

Tia Tyler-0046There was the coolest barn on the property…

Tia Tyler-0058

We all pitched in to do the flowers ourselves; I ordered them from Potomac Wholesale based in Maryland and we had an amazing groomsman who was willing to drive the hour to pick them up the day before. It was so much fun to be with my bridesmaids as I helped them all make their own bouquets! We used orange, pink, and yellow ranunculas, white pom mums, pink wax flower, baby’s breath, orange spray roses, and deep pink carnations for the bridesmaids, and I used about 24 white roses for mine.

Tia Tyler-0074

There were two different styles of ivory bridesmaids dresses, and then each girl picked a color of shoe/jewelry that matched the color scheme of the flowers I had ordered.

Tia Tyler-0122

Tyler’s boutonniere was a single white rose, and the groomsmen had herbs and greenery wrapped in twine.

Tia Tyler-0155

The table centerpieces were 3-4 assorted mini vases that I had been collecting from thrift shops, single flowers in each, arranged atop antique sheet music.

Tia Tyler-0214

I made hanging bird feeders as favors, using a music note cookie cutter, and printed out tags with our family monogram to tie through the feeders with twine.

Tia Tyler-0227

The programs featured the monogram that my uncle had made for us, and I designed, printed, and assembled the rest. The three pages inside were printed on cream paper and included the bridal party, order of service, and hymn lyrics (We actually ended up buying a laser printer for this occasion; it ended up costing just as much as it would have been to have them printed, but we got a really nice laser printer out of it!).

Tia Tyler-0231

Our actual wedding site was very simple; the surrounding area was beautiful, and I honestly didn’t think I could improve God’s creation with more frills or decorations!

Tia Tyler-0298

Lawn games and nachos at the reception = total win (and really easy and cheap to do!).

Tia Tyler-0428Tia Tyler-0418Tia Tyler-0413Tia Tyler-0480Tia Tyler-0481

I would consider my engagement ring diamond to be my “something old.” It’s not heirloom-type “old,” but it has a cute story… While my husband was in the marine corps and making a good amount of money from his deployments, a local jeweler was having a moving sale at home. He decided to have his dad buy a single diamond at that time that was 75% off (keep in mind this is about 5 years before he met me) since he knew at some point he wanted to get married and would thus need a diamond… so he custom-designed the ring himself and the rest is history!

I had the grand idea to pop popcorn to be tossed as we were sent off…

Tia Tyler-0193…and the not-so-good-idea to leave it in huge grocery bags for the more mischievous.

Tia Tyler-0605

As our guest book, we bought a large-margin Bible for our friends and family to sign, write notes of encouragement, and highlight their favorite verses for us. It now sits on our coffee table and it is so very special to be able to read and remember!

Tia Tyler-0627

Our grand escape.

Tia Tyler-0609Tia Tyler-0615

One more quick note… We had decided to not do a first-look, but rather to have a clandestine meeting with our photographer AFTER we officially were sent off. Moments after the above picture was taken, we drove about a mile down the road and met up with Rebekah to do our bride and groom photos. I can’t emphasize how amazing this worked out, and how much I would recommend doing this if you can. I really wanted to not do a first look, but also felt the pressure of not wanting to make our guests wait hours and hours for us to finish pictures after the ceremony, before coming to the reception. This way, it only took about 20 minutes to get all the family and bridal party shots in before being announced and getting the reception going. After it was all over, we were soooo much more relaxed and happy (which I think showed in our faces and expressions).

Hope you enjoyed all of my little ideas! Below is one of my all-time favorites… again, make sure to click on it to get the full effect.

Tia Tyler-0770 (1)

7 responses to “Year One – Part 2: Stockton Wedding

  1. What a beautiful wedding! I love the little details. And that train! That glorious, glorious train! Thank you for sharing, Tia! Happy Anniversary to you and your love ❤

    • Thank you! And I know. I’m still mesmerized by that train… it was absolutely NOTHING like what I initially thought I wanted in a dress. (famous last words?)

  2. You were a beautiful bride, and Tyler’s tears spoke more than anything else said that day. Happy anniversary. I’m so happy you’ve found each other.

    Your bro,

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