Jayne Cobb Earflap Hat


I don’t really consider myself a nerd. But when I married one, it became clear that I needed to do my homework. My husband made sure we slowly worked our way through the major components: Lord of the Rings (extended editions), Star Wars, and Star Trek were at the top of the list.

But I recently made up for my lack of nerd-dom by introducing him to Firefly, which finally helped me earned my street cred with all my nerd friends. I wouldn’t consider myself a fanatic, but I have to say we are sold and think that they were idiots for cancelling the show. It’s simply brilliant.


After getting a request to re-create Mr. Jayne Cobb’s hat for a Firefly-loving friend, I looked at a couple pictures and realized this original pattern is one of the easiest and basic hat patterns there is. You could use any color, or any combination of colors to make this however you like.

(If you would like to purchase one for yourself, in any combination of colors, I am selling them for $35. Email me at fibreandspice@gmail.com if you are interested!)

20130424-092925.jpg(I think my hat model is pretty smashing, don’t you think?)

It’s a pretty basic hat pattern, made with any sort of chunky wool. I used Gold, Orange, and Copper Valley Yarns’ Berkshire Bulky Yarn and it was perfectly fuzzy and cozy and rugged-looking while still being wearable and high-quality.

You can find a PDF of the pattern here:

20130424-092932.jpgCunning, don’tcha think?


8 responses to “Jayne Cobb Earflap Hat

  1. Hi Tia, I like the hat. Cute and bright. Those are two elements I like in handmade items. I tried to write you an email a while back, but guess I had an old email address for you. Send me your new one, please. Love ya, Pat

  2. i’ve seen serenity but not firefly! how do you guys watch it? is it online? i lik the hat, btw!

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  4. Hi there! This is the best looking Jayne hat I’ve seen yet and I’m excited to make it for my friend. Do you think this pattern will fit an adult male? Thanks!!

    • Hi! So glad you like it! It should fit a 22″-23″ head, measured around where the hat “brim” would be. If you need to increase the size, simply cast on 2 or 3 more stitches in the very beginning (depending on just how much bigger you want it to be). The rest of the instructions will follow along just fine, even if you increase the initial width. Hope that helps!

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