Melt-in-your-mouth Sweet Potato Chips


My husband should get an award for being the best one ever this week/month. I was the choreographer for a small production of Fiddler on the Roof that my Alma Mater produced, and we just finished performance week. It was great fun to be a part of Eden Troupe again; during my time as a student, I was involved in some way or another with just about every play that was produced. I loved theater, and I loved the camaraderie that developed among cast and crew members. It was always a diverse section of students, pulled from circles of friends that you wouldn’t otherwise hang out with or get to know.

Anyways. Besides the fact that I have been busy for at least 4 evenings a week for the past two months, listening to the score over and over, and a bit mentally preoccupied with the creative process of doing all original choreography, production week meant that I was in the green room and backstage from 4:30 pm to around 11:00 pm every night this week. Which means that I didn’t cook him dinner either. For the whole week. Poor hubby.

Now, I’m currently trying to reward him for his patience, and make up for my lack of attention with insanely delicious and addicting foods. Like these. And they are SO EASY.


I don’t know where these have been all my life. For some reason, I always thought I hated sweet potatoes and never experimented with them. I realize now that I couldn’t have been more misguided and blind.


This little mandolin slicer was given to us by my mother-in-law at my bridal shower, and it’s a gem. It the best for getting these slices perfectly thin and consistent and ready to fry.


Ain’t it gorgeous? I love colorful food, and especially love the fact that naturally colorful food is usually really good for you.


I thought that these slices would turn brown before I got the chance to get them cooked up, but they actually held their color quite well. You can soak them in water to prevent browning and also remove some of the excess potato starch.


Bubbling away. The goal is to cook them till they don’t bubble anymore, but aren’t burnt…


I use a sauce pan with canola oil; a fryer with a basket would probably work better, but I don’t really own one.


Four large potatoes made about twice this amount; my husband and I literally ate about half of what I made before I had the chance to get pictures. No lie.


Sweet Potato Chips
– Sweet potatoes (I used 4 large ones)
– Canola oil for frying
– Salt

1. Heat oil, about an inch deep, on high heat.
2. Peel and slice sweet potatoes.
3. When oil is around 350* F, reduce the temperature to medium (just enough to keep the oil from increasing in heat; you want to maintain it between 325* and 350*), and carefully drop in the slices and fry until brown and the oil stops bubbling for the most part. Flip or stir when necessary. Remove and drain on paper towels, and salt generously. Let cool (if you can wait that long to eat them) and they will get crispy and oh so good.

Note: These were amazingly crisp when freshly fried, but the next day they were a bit soft. I’ve heard of several different techniques to get a super-cripsy-but-not-burnt regular potato chip, but I think the sugars in these yams change things up some. I’ll have to experiment with different frying temps/soaking techniques/etc. and see what I can come up with… I’ve seen one article that recommends peeling, slicing, rinsing, soaking AND pre-boiling the potatoes in water with vinegar, and honestly that sounds like a lot of work to me. All that is to say, this particular recipe is best served fresh; I will definitely post an update after I complete some very important research.


3 responses to “Melt-in-your-mouth Sweet Potato Chips

  1. I watch The Chew on TV with my lunch. Today there was a sweet potato chip that was baked. Sounded really good, too.
    Love, Pat

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