Salina by Kim Hargreaves

20130414-151749.jpgI made this simple, yet elegant sweater for my wonderful mother-in-law; she wears green so well, and this bright but subtle “green tea” Portland Tweed from Classic Elite Yarns was perfect for her. It is a wool blend of 50% Virgin Wool, 25% Alpaca, and 25% Viscose.

20130414-151801.jpgI found these heart-shaped mother of pearl buttons that add the perfect amount of shimmer and accent to the top collar. The collar can be knit in seed stitch or moss stitch; I chose seed for a less obvious texture.

20130414-151828.jpgThe pattern is printed in Vintage Knits by Rowan and I was able to reserve a copy at my local library. The library is a great resource if you don’t want to buy the entire book for just one pattern.

20130414-151841.jpgThe waist is very nicely shaped and tailored, to keep it from looking boxy and baggy; very feminine and flattering.

A couple little changes and notes:
1. Instead of knitting the cuffs separately, I cast on the amount required for the sleeve, and knit 3 inches in seed stitch before beginning the sleeve as directed. Then, I simply folded the cuffs up. This way there is some flexibility in the length of the sleeve, and if someone wants them longer, they can simply unfold the cuff and there won’t be any awkward seam showing.
2. I used mattress stitch to seam the pieces together; I didn’t particularly like the stitch they recommended, so I went with what I was comfortable with and knew how to do well.
3. The sizing was quite accurate, and turned out in the exact measurements I needed.
4. Again, you can find this pattern in Vintage Knits by Rowan

This is definitely a keeper! It’s a simple yet timeless style, with a very flattering fit.

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