Greek Yogurt > Sour Cream

I have a confession to make.

After living in the Washington DC area for 7 years, I have become a Redskins fan.

I know my Minnesotan family members will probably threaten to disown me (especially after RGIII led us to victory against the Vikings last October, and broke our year-long losing streak at FedEx field…yeeeeaahh!), my Pacific Northwest friends will gloat (yes, I know the Seahawks beat us because of a STUPID KNEE INJURY and Shanahan totally should have put Cousins in. Not that I have an opinion…) but I have to say that we officially caught the burgundy and gold fever. It was finally a good year for them too, with an awesome new rookie QB; Senator Rubio, when asked who the best leader in Washington DC was, he replied “Robert Griffin III.” I agreed.

All that is to say, up until the game against the Seahawks, it was a pretty exciting season for us. This also meant that Redskin fever was out in full force here in NoVa, and us fans were unabashedly getting together to watch their games rather than nervously hiding in our apartments, keeping track on our smartphones, just because it was usually less painful that way. But no, they were getting some wins! We spent most of our game-days with some very close friends, Colten and Anna, and it was usually an afternoon full of food, fellowship, football, and well, more food.


A typical game day… complete with a roaring fire place, chips and dip, and our knitting projects

One afternoon, Anna had made a wonderful pot of chili and before serving pulled me aside in the kitchen. She asked if I thought the guys would notice if we used Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. I had heard of substituting yogurt in baked goods, but never as a straight up condiment… So I looked at her funny (because that’s kind of our love language), shrugged and said “let’s find out!”

Three hours later, I asked my husband how the chili was… and how the cheese was… and how the “sour cream” was… each time he responded with a “great!” with an increasingly quizzical look on his face when I asked about the latter two items. He had no idea! Greek yogurt officially passed the taste test. I’m guessing that if you use it in a more isolated sense, for instance on tacos or nachos, you may be able to taste a slight difference; but, as you will see below, I believe that making the substitution is worth it in the long run.

As I said above, I typically use Greek yogurt as a “secret ingredient” for really fluffy cakes and flaky and moist scones. After experimenting with substitutions and reading many similar success stories, I am fully convinced that sour cream will be fully replaced in my kitchen with Greek yogurt.
Below are some nutritional facts just from the labels that will pretty much speak for themselves:

Per 2 tablespoons:

Sour cream:
65 calories
3.8 g saturated fat (19%)
22 mg cholesterol (7%)
16mg sodium

Greek yogurt:
18 calories
No saturated fat
No cholesterol
14 mg sodium
[Not to mention that Greek yogurt has tons of protein and calcium (twice and three times the amount of normal yogurt), and also probiotics which help with digestion and boost your immune system.]

Granted, sour cream is not the worst thing you could eat; the fact that it is soured and somewhat cultured makes it better than other stuff. But yogurt has so many other good properties, so why wouldn’t you want more reasons to eat it?

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