Uptown Baby


It seems like the older I get, the more I realize that so much of life happens in seasons and chapters and sometimes they all seem to run together like a run-on sentence like this one and sometimes you don’t know you have gone through them until you are on the other side, but sometimes you get smacked upside the face with the fact that the previous chapter has slammed it’s doors and a new one is beginning.
I would say that both are exciting, and both teach us different things about ourselves and about what our priorities are. For my husband and I, we are definitely seeing that our lives are beginning this new chapter of being married, planning to leave NoVa soon, and hopefully (Lord willing) start having kids and building a family together. And we are not alone! It seems like this month, 75% of our married friends are pregnant or having or have recently had babies. BABIES ARE EVERYWHERE AND THEY ARE SO STINKING CUTE. I don’t really have too much more to say about that, other than I am constantly flabbergasted at the preciousness of new life, and the blessings that these little lives are, even in the womb. The thought of someday having the privilege of carrying a life inside of me, having the responsibility of being his or her caretaker until birth and beyond, and being bequeathed with both the burden and joy of intense motherly love…it’s both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

A dear friend of mine (Rebecca Gallop, author of A Daily Something; you should totally check out her website!) is expecting a baby girl in early June, and I was so excited to make her something. I didn’t know the gender when I started this project, hence the gender neutral colors, but was already leaning toward something light and earthy at the same time. I couldn’t spoil the surprise at least until her baby shower, so now that the cat is out of the bag I can share!


Before I get into details, I just want to give a HEADS UP that I will be posting an Intro to Knitting session next week!! This will have everything you need to know to begin crafting beautiful hand knit stuff.

The original pattern is by Linden Down, published in 2009 and made public on ravelry.com. She has some wonderful stuff; you should definitely check her site out too.

With the larger needles and worsted weight yarn, it knits up quite quickly; I was able to finish this in a weekend. I was listening to The Man Who Was Thursday on an audiobook, and was in the middle of the really exciting part (elephants! and hot air balloons! You should totally read it if you haven’t yet!) I also made the larger size (she has two sizes on her original pattern); I had started the smaller set, and then changed my mind after seeing how teeeny it was. Two other obvious changes were that I used wooden toggle buttons and added the wee little patches on the elbows. Tweed pants and reading glasses should complete the sophisticated look.


A note about those patches: I used actual iron-on patches, and trimmed them to the size I wanted. However, I did NOT fully iron them on. I placed the patch where I wanted it, then used the iron to VERY slightly warm up the glue on the sticky side of the patch, JUST enough to hold one or two points of the patch in the exact place I wanted it. Once the positioning was secure, I used the same colored yarn and a tapestry needle to sew them on.

This pattern should fit 3-6 months, depending on the baby of course.
– About 220 yards of any worsted weight yarn; Superfine Merino Wool is wonderful and is incredibly soft for babies
– Size 8 US circular (24″) needles
– Size 8 US set of double pointed needles
– 4 wooden toggle buttons
– 4 stitch markers
– Tapestry needle
– Two patches (can be actual patches, or small pieces of fabric or felt)

Again, the pattern can be found HERE. Let me know if you have any problems finding it!

I wrapped it in a little Blue Sky Alpaca project bag you can find for sale at yarn.com.


5 responses to “Uptown Baby

  1. This is just lovely! I have a newborn lying next to me as I write this and can just imagine how handsome he’d look in it. Thanks for the inspiration. Such a sweet gift!

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