What to Drink

So planning a wedding doesn’t actually take up just as much time as everyone says they do; but before you stone me, I just have to say that it’s all the other things included in the getting-ready-to-be-married process that have kept me on my toes lately. Figuring out housing, moving, making budgets, vehicles, packing, planning for law school, all while working full-time AND oh yeah, planning our wedding, has definitely kept me busy (onlysixweeksofthismadnessleft!!!!!!!!). That being said, thoughtful cooking has fallen by the wayside, and blogging hasn’t had too much potential material unless you are interested in me eating cheese and crackers and a carrot for dinner last night. 

But there is an upside. 
My fiance just bought this book for me and I am SO EXCITED AND INSPIRED. Because he can’t drink till he’s out of school, it still may be a while till I blog again; but in the meantime, I have all sorts of ideas oozing out of my brain now. 
It basically is an alphabetical encyclopedia of all foods that normal people eat (grilled chicken breast, broccoli, mashed potatoes, steak etc) and then it lists out drink that pair best with the food. It has wine, coffee, tea, beer, sometimes even just water. The second half is the same thing, reversed; it lists out wine’s, and then says what food is best to eat with what you are drinking. 
The first couple chapters talk about the more scientific and gastronomic part of it. I didn’t really think about this before, but it makes total sense that what you eat and drink together can totally affect digestion and therefore tummy comfort after your meal. 
Anyways, I just thought I’d share; it would be a great addition to any library, and an awesome gift idea as well. 
Have a lovely week!

One response to “What to Drink

  1. That looks/sounds like an awesome book! Can't wait to see some of your pairings 🙂 Good luck and blessings to you both in the final stretch of wedding planning!

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