Best Snack Ever

I was introduced to these by my fiance, and I have to admit that I laughed at him at first. But, like most things, he was right and I was wrong. They are little drops of wonder and delight and are the BEST healthy way to satisfy any sweet tooth cravings. What are they?

Frozen grapes.

                       Green grapes

                                Red grapes

                                        Purple grapes

                                                Concord grapes

Any grapes.

Wash them and pluck them from the stem; dry them off, and throw into a gallon freezer bag. Pull out a handful when you have those late night ice cream cravings and pop them in your mouth. They are the perfect soft frozen-y texture and need barely any time to thaw. Yes, they still have sugar, but these natural sugars are so much better for you than anything that starts with Haagen or ends with Dazs. Guaranteed.

I’ve also avoided buying grapes thus far because as a single person, I always find that I could never finish off a big two pound bag before they went bad. This also effectively removes that problem without losing any of grapes nutritional value (ie Vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, calcium, antioxidants, etc).

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