Greek Chicken Salad

– Fresh baby spinach
– Grape tomatoes
– Cucumber
-Black/Kalamata olives
– Feta Cheese
– Chicken breast
– Olive oil
– White wine vinegar
– Dried oregano
– Dash of salt
– Dash of sugar
Chicken Rub:
– Course salt
– Freshly ground pepper
– Dried oregano
– Dried parsley
Mix the rub together (which about equal proportions of each spice) and coat chicken breast. Let sit while your grill heats up. Mix together the ingredients for the dressing, and whisk until it combines. It should actually turn slightly creamy-looking; add more sugar and salt to taste.
Grill the chicken breast. While that’s cooking, wash and cut your vegetables. I sliced the grape tomatoes width-wise, and they are SO much easier to pick up with a fork! I also sliced the olives length-wise in quarters, which gave it a different look that I liked. 
Once the chicken is done, slice to a desired size, and toss everything together. Serve immediately. 

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