Purely Decadent

So I unfortunately discovered this at Wegman’s the other day… The good news is that it is dairy free and all natural; the bad news is… it costs money and there is lots of natural saturated fat from the coconut milk. But some things are just worth it, right?

3 responses to “Purely Decadent

  1. There is nothing wrong in digesting fat, in fact this fat is the good kind & everyone needs fat to make the brain work. Did you feel smarter after indulging in this?

  2. Thank you for trying our Chocolate Coconut Milk ice cream! We just wanted to let you know that it has one third fewer calories and half the fat of most dairy-based premium ice cream. And the really great news is that all of our coconut milk products are made with organic, non-GMO-verified coconuts, which contain naturally energizing medium-chain fatty acids! Here are some money-saving coupons you can use for your next purchase: http://bit.ly/gW3Pkk Enjoy!

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