Garlic Stuffed Grilled Chicken

I just have to say…. I love grilling. There’s just something magical about it. And the great thing is, it’s simple; at least I think it should be. 
Above we have a nice chicken breast which has been coated in course salt and pepper and parmesan cheese. Now, the amazing thing about this, however, is that there are surprises inside. 

Garlic. (Make a small incision in the thick parts of the chicken. Insert a smashed clove of garlic.)


(And repeat.)

(And repeat.)

That, my friends, is grilled garlic inside a piece of grilled chicken. Not sure you can do much better than that.

Oh, yup, that’s garlic too. 
This is one of my favorite things to grill; what are yours? 

2 responses to “Garlic Stuffed Grilled Chicken

  1. Tia, Erin and I tried this last night (but broiled in the oven since we don't have a grill)–it was AMAZING! Even if I did manage to set off the fire alarm…twice… 😉

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