Lemon-Aid Tea

I’d like to think that my approach to Mondays are completely sanctified and I don’t have any trouble accepting that “this is the day that the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be GLAD in it.” But unfortunately, there is almost always a war between my flesh and my spirit, and I often forget all the amazing things that I should be thankful for. Like not being sick.

I work on a college campus where sickness comes in waves, almost like epidemics. The long hours, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits, on top of close quarters with those who are sick, often breed colds and flus like a greenhouse for…anything green. But my mother taught me well when it came to beating a bad cold: lots of liquids, no sugar/dairy/bad fatty stuff, and her special tea, and I think I only succumbed to sickness once or twice in four years of college.
Since it’s in all of our best interests that all of you stay healthy too (esp with finals coming up for all you current students!), here is the simple concoction that saved me many times.


What you need:
– A big mug/16 oz travel mug
– 3 tablespoons FRESH squeezed lemon juice
– 3 tablespoons honey
– 1 ginger tea bag or Throat Coat tea
– 1 chunk of fresh ginger, peeled (optional)
– Boiling water

Mix everything together in the mug and let steep for about 3 minutes. You can change up the lemon-honey ratio to taste; some like it sweeter, some like it tart. You can leave the ginger root in there longer for a stronger taste, or pull it out sooner if it’s too much. You can also use other types of tea if you don’t have ginger tea, but ginger seems to work the best for me.

I’m also going to be a stickler about using fresh lemon juice. Or you can get MinuteMaid’s frozen lemon juice concentrate that doesn’t have any of the preservatives in it. But I would stay away from anything that has anything but lemon juice in it. CHECK THE INGREDIENTS LIST because many times, the label says 100% juice! and it actually has stuff like sodium benzoate and other yucky preservatives.
Stick with the Form of lemon juice, my friends, and you shall be blessed.

This may by the outward form of a lemon, but it is not the Form of lemon juice. Never sacrifice quality for convenience.

3 responses to “Lemon-Aid Tea

  1. My mom taught me something sort of similar…but it’s “garlic tea.” Warm water, lemon juice, honey, and a diced clove of garlic. You really barely taste the garlic and as long as you can get around smelling garlicky, it’s great!

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