The frugality of homemade lattes

A regular Starbucks grande latte costs $3.26.
If you have one every work day (not counting weekends), that’s approx. $65.20 a month. $783 a year. Not counting weekends. And even more if you get the flavored fru-fru stuff.

BUT if you make your own, the numbers are crunched below:
1 gallon of milk = $2.75 —> one serving of 1 1/2 cups of milk = 25 cents
1 pound of coffee/75 tablespoons = $8 —> one serving of 1/2 tablespoon whole beans = 5 cents

Total cost: a whopping $0.30

Crunching numbers again, this costs $6.00 a month, and $72 a year. Much more manageable, yes?

I use one of these wonderful stovetop espresso makers that my house-mate has, which runs about $27-$30. If you compare that one time cost to $783 a year, it’s much less painful. This particular one is a “3-cup” size, but it’s actually more like 3 shots. You can find instructions on how to use it in the descriptions or on youtube.

To make this, there are three simple steps:
– Make the espresso according to the instructions on the package. For a 3-shot pot, I usually use a heaping tablespoon of beans, and make two lattes.
– Place 3 cups of milk in a sauce pan, turn on high heat, and whisk till foamy and frothy. Don’t stop stirring, or the milk will scald. Heat it till you can’t dip your finger in it very long.

– Divide the espresso between two cups, and pour 1 1/2 cups milk into each cup. Spoon the foam on top. If you add syrup, add it to the cup before you pour everything in. 

Does it feed your caffeine addiction without giving you the guilt of spending too much money? Yes.
Does it allow you to control exactly what goes into your body without you wondering what’s hidden in the milky substance? Double yes.
Does it make you feel like a Renaissance man or woman?  More than you will ever know.

Thoughts and Comments

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