things to look forward to

In a cyber world full of food-blogs and fashion-blogs and life-blogs and feelings-blogs and photo-blogs and coffee-blogs and stuff-blogs and blogs-about-blogs, I don’t necessarily feel a need to add to the information overload. This is rather more of a selfish motivation, kind of a universal and living cookbook so that I can access all my favorites whenever and wherever I may have access to the internet; but if you benefit from reading this, then by all means, read away.

Being born in America to a Chinese/Vietnamese father and a Norwegian/German/English/Native American/Irish mother, I have a lot of culture to pick and choose from when it comes to cuisine. When it all blends together in my mind to form one big giant nebulous of ideas which occasionally spits out sometime good, that to me is success. 

I have a weird complex where I feel like if I follow a recipe, I’m not really cooking; I’m just doing math-u-can-see with flour and sugar instead of plastic colored blocks, and hope that the gal before me had it right. But regardless, I love to make food, and hopefully this blog will help me keep track of some of my favorites. 
Here are some of the few that I have done in the past 8 months that I hope to soon record:
  • Traditional/Family recipes
    • Vietnamese spring rolls
    • Vietnamese egg rolls
    • Dad’s chicken & rice soup
    • Mom’s 5-spice roast chicken and rice
    • Hearty chili
    • Chicken noodle soup (no stock/bouillon)
    • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Shamelessly stolen-then-improved recipes
    • White chicken chili
    • Beer-soaked pot roast
    • Berry Pavlova
    • Tiramisu
    • Oatmeal peanut butter cookie sandwiches
    • Simple scones
    • Cinnamon pie
    • Chocolate truffle cake
    • Lemon zest cornbread
    • Cinnamon pull-aparts
Here’s to cooking!

One response to “things to look forward to

  1. Lemon zest cornbread???!!!! Booyah! Maybe because its just before lunch, but by the time i read to the end of this list, i was fighting to keep from drooling on my keyboard. Blog, Tia, blog!!!!

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